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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Spending Monitoring & Evaluation

Each Autumn, at Pupil Progress meetings, the head and teacher discuss all children to analyse the opportunities each child eligible for the funding may benefit from.  They are then organised using the Venn diagram which allows the head to select which strategy may be the most appropriate.  There may be several and any strategies that were used the previous year will be re-evaluated for their impact before being used again.  All strategies are listed on the school “Pupil Premium Offer” which is working document and constantly under review.

Each child is tracked individually and has a case study which tracks their progress in Reading, Writing and Maths and, where appropriate, attendance.  The case study also shows how that child has benefited from pupil premium that academic year. Historical data is stored electronically.

At each assessment point, the progress is added to case studies of all children.  For children who have made rapid or limited progress, their case is evaluated in more depth to get a clearer view of which strategy has particularly enabled them to make good progress or conversely, what has been the impact of the strategies they have received. If strategies are not having an impact on childrens’ learning, they are stopped.

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