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Cultural Capital in Maths

At Gwyn Jones Primary School, we believe that everyone can do Maths. Our mastery curriculum is implemented across the school and through this, we aim high for every one of our pupils. Teachers break the learning into small steps to develop conceptual understanding and procedural knowledge. Through targeted year group based interventions, we ensure that no child is left behind. Our Inspirational Maths Week, held at the beginning of each school year, encourages our school community to experience maths in a creative and collaborative manner, and reinforces the importance of a growth mind-set as well as celebrating and addressing mistakes.


At Gwyn Jones Primary School children in Year 1-6 have access to mathletics. Teachers use this in scool as a learning tool and also to set homework. Your child can log in to mathletics here. If your child has forgotten their username and password please contact the school office.


At Gwyn Jones Primary School, Maths forms an essential part of a broad and balanced curriculum. We want all of our children to be confident mathematicians. Our teaching staff and pupils understand the importance of mathematical knowledge and skills in everyday life; we encourage them to apply their learning in different contexts. We are committed to developing a mastery approach in Maths to ensure that there is deep subject knowledge in our teaching staff and pupils. All pupils have the opportunity to achieve fluency, reason mathematically and solve problems. We promote flexible thinking and encourage our pupils to learn from their fantastic mistakes. 


From this academic year onwards, we are implementing the White Rose Maths scheme of learning. The scheme of learning consists of four main curriculum areas: 

• Number 

• Measurement 

• Geometry 

• Statistics. 

Our pupils will explore each area of Maths in depth, with teachers breaking down the learning journey into small steps before moving on. Developing a strong sense of number is at the heart of our curriculum. 

We use our ‘Early morning’ activities at the start of the day and ‘Starter”’ tasks during Maths lessons to consolidate number bonds, skip counting, multiplication facts and mental arithmetic. All pupils are taught in mixed attainment groups using whole class shared learning. The expectation is that the majority of pupils will move through the programmes of study at broadly the same pace. We differentiate for our pupils through questioning, support and outcome. Pupils who grasp concepts rapidly are challenged through rich mastery and sophisticated problems before any acceleration through new content. Pupils who are not sufficiently fluent are scaffolded through the concrete-pictorial-abstract (CPA) approach, collaborative learning and teacher-led focus groups.



By implementing the White Rose Maths scheme of learning, we will have a consistent approach to planning and teaching Maths across the school. This will enable pupils from all year groups to make progress within and between lessons, thus increasing their confidence and competence in Maths. At the end of each year, we expect most pupils to be working at the expected standard (EXS) for their year group. Some pupils will have progressed further and achieved greater depth (GDS). Children who are working towards the expected standard (WTS) receive appropriate support and intervention from their class teacher, teaching assistants and intervention teachers

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