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Physical Education



Throughout Gwyn Jones Primary School we strive to be athletes. We believe that physical education, experienced in a safe, supportive and inclusive environment, is a vital contributor to a child’s physical development and mental well-being. We believe that a broad and balanced physical education curriculum is essential to provide children with the tools to manage their movement in an active lifestyle and is essential to increased self confidence in their abilities. We believe that physical education should be an area of learning where self-esteem, physical progression and positive attitudes to being active and healthy are fostered and nurtured. 

We ensure that Physical Education provides all children with the opportunity to succeed and experience a competitive environment in both team and individual sports. We ensure the children foster positive attitudes to staying healthy in Physical Education with the aim they will take this value through to adulthood. 

Aims of our P.E Curriculum 

  • Foster a love for and enjoyment of being active. 

  • Develop ‘fitness for life’ through teachers promoting the health benefits of regular exercise. 

  • Identify and stretch talents. 

  • Develop self-esteem, confidence and social skills. 

  • Contribute to the physical development of every child. 

  • Give children a way of expressing themselves and an opportunity to be creative. 

  • Develop a range of skills that can be applied in other contexts. 

  • Give children the opportunity to try out activities that they would not otherwise have access to. 

  • Exposure to competitive environments. 

  • To develop positive and good well-being and mental health. 


We use a variety of teaching and learning styles which involve a mixture of whole-class, group and individual activities. Teachers model good skills and techniques but also draw attention to good examples of both professional and individual performance to use as models for the other children. 

Our curriculum is implemented through: 

  • 2 hours of PE a week. One taught by our Sport Coach and the other by the class teacher. 

  • Following Get Set four PE scheme of work. 

  • Tailored Curriculum map to ensure children are exposed to various sports and games. 

  • Attendance of inter and intra competitive events. 

At Gwyn Jones Primary School the children are encouraged to evaluate their own work as well as the work of other children. Children are taught how to collaborate with each other through physical activities and are taught to positively feedback to others. In lessons children are expected to be able to positively work with each other, to encourage each other to develop their skills and work as part of a team. All children have access to a wide range of resources and are taught how to use these safely and properly. Each lesson should be focused around a clear learning objective and the children should have the opportunity to be taught a skill, shown the skill and then identify the skill in action and see good practice from professional athletes or teachers. Skills should be broken down so children understand how to be successful in attempting a new movement or skill and have clear expectations on how to be successful in achieving their learning intention. Through plenaries good practice is highlighted and teachers/children give next steps in their learning. All activities are to be inclusive and differentiated to a level that is appropriate to the needs and ranging abilities of the class. Each lesson is planned to have a greater depth activity that extends the abilities of those where it is appropriate and all equipment should is chosen to reflect the abilities and stretch the abilities. 


At Gwyn Jones Primary School the EYFS the area of learning related to physical education provision is physical development. This area of learning aims to improve the coordination, control, manipulation and movement of children in both their fine and gross motor skills. Children are encouraged to enjoy physical activity, to creatively explore movement and develop their listening skills, in preparation for KS1. 

Key Stages 1 and 2 

Teaching should ensure that children are learning basic movement and skills that develop through KS1 in preparation for KS2. This means children will know and understand basic movements in isolation and will begin to move into sequenced movement and with more complicated steps. During teaching, connections in the learning are to be made by children developing their selection and application of skills, tactics and compositional ideas from isolated movements to working in combination. All children will develop an understanding of fitness and health and be able to explain the relationship between being physically active and a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally. 


By the end of their time at Gwyn Jones Primary School, children will be enthusiastic athletes who are engaged with being active and able to perform ever more complicated movements. Children will be also able to perform movements in isolation and sequence and understand how their skills transfer into competitive sports and game play. We aim to have all of our pupils equipped with the necessary skills that will mean they are able to lead an active and healthy lifestyle beyond their years at our school. 

PE Policy

Please click on the document below for our PE policy.

Cultural Capital in PE

Cultural Capital is integral to the teaching of P.E. P.E ensures all children have access to the skills and knowledge to live a healthy and well balanced lifestyle. At Gwyn Jones Primary Schoolwe ensure there is high quality teaching, inclusive good quality equipment and access to various sports throughout the school. In teaching, we use questioning to progress and develop the understanding of the skill or sport. We also actively teach and use the appropriate vocabulary to ensure all children are engaging with the lessons appropriately.  To further ensure Cultural Capital children are given the opportunity to play sports both within school and throughout the borough aiming for all to be exposed to a competitive environment.

Progression of skills

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Curriculum Map

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