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Board of Governors

Chair of Governors

Elizabeth Jackson, Co-opted Governor.  Co-opted by the full GB.  Term 02.07.22-02.07.26.  Pecuniary interests 05.09.23: None 

I am a retired Head teacher and have a strong desire to continue to work with a school such as Gwyn Jones where all have a belief in education in the broadest sense. I believe in providing a wealth of experience and opportunity for all children within a supportive and nurturing environment while equipping them with the skills, confidence and resilience for an ever changing world."

Pat Hayes, Local Authority Governor. Appointed by LA. Term: 31.08.22-31.08.26.  Finance Commitee.  Pecuniary interests 02.10.19: None 
"I became a local authority governor twenty years ago because, despite at the time not having children, I was convinced of the importance of primary education in determining people's life chances and of the importance of local authorities in raising and maintaining educational standards.  This is even truer today and I hope that I continue to make a useful contribution offering more than institutional memory.  A former chair of governors and a parent governor at a nearby secondary school, I was a local councillor and have worked for many years as a senior local government officer.  My areas of expertise include planning, housing, HR, finance, local authority legislation and designing/building new schools."
Rik McShane, Co-opted Governor.  Co-opted by the full GB.  Term 23.01.22-23.01.26.  Pecuniary interests 02.03.22: None 
"With all four of my children attending Gwyn Jones, I felt it was very important to support the school and community that was giving them such a great environment to learn and develop. I have lived in East London for 18 years and am committed to ensuring that our community services continue to thrive. I started as an Associate Governor and having worked at board level management across a variety of retail companies bring HR, business and operational experience to the governing body. Now co -opted to the full board, I am working in setting up early years nurseries to deliver outstanding childcare across east London."


Angela Wallace, Parent Governor. Term 28.01.20-27.01.24. Elected by parents.  CCF committee.  Pecuniary interests 17.11.21: None

I have two children in the school, Francis in the Nursery and Laurence in 3M, I believe the relatively early position of both my children in the school would reflect my investment in the role. I am passionate about the school and local community, having attended Gwyn Jones as a child and Leytonstone school as a teenager. My Professional role in education will make me invaluable in supporting the School in its continued journey of inclusion and excellence. I currently work as a Deputy Head in a Secondary School in Tower Hamlets and have been teaching for fifteen years.

Lisa Greenwood, Parent Governor.  Term 04.12.2020-03.12.2024.  Elected by parents.  CCFC committee.  Pecuniary interests 12.01.22 none

Sarita Morris, Co-opted Govenor. Term 13.01.2021- 12.01.2025. Elected by Governing Body CCFC committee.  Pecuniary interests 13.09.23 none
"I am a recently retired primary school teacher. My roles have included teaching languages in secondary schools, working for the Multicultural Development Service in Waltham Forest and teaching in an international school abroad. I am committed to education that nurtures the whole child and supports their well-being whilst giving a broad range of opportunities – not just academic."
Adam Bruntlett Parent Governor.  Term 22.09.2022- 22.09.2026.  Elected by parents.  CCFC committee.  Pecuniary interests 13.9.23 none 
 I was born and raised in Lincolnshire and studied French and German at the University of Sheffield, with terms abroad in Perpignan and Heidelberg. After my Bachelors degree I studied for and obtained a PGCE, specialising in Secondary MFL. However, having decided that teaching was not for me, I moved into a career in the wine trade with Majestic Wines, working in their retail stores for two years. I then moved to a small, independent wine importer who were subsequently purchased by Berry Bros. & Rudd Limited, Britain's oldest wine and spirit merchant. I am presently Senior Fine Wine Buyer at BB&R, specialising in Burgundy, the Loire and Jura, and much of my time is spent tasting wine in cellars in France. I moved to Walthamstow in 2014 and then to Leyton in 2018, where I now live with my partner and two daughters aged 5 and 2. Our eldest daughter, Evelyn, is in Year 1 at Gwyn Jones. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family as well as cycling, food and wine. I have a keen interest in the environment, active travel and foreign languages.
Simon BondParent Governor.  Term 22.09.2022- 22.09.2026.  Elected by parents.  Finance committee.  Pecuniary interests 5.09.23 none

I have lived at my address in Leytonstone for the past twenty or so years, and I absolutely love this area and the community spirit generated by those who live here. My son currently attends Gwyn Jones and is in Year 4. For the past five years I have been the Head Teacher of a three-form entry primary school in Canning Town. The school has a Resourced Provision for pupils with autism. Prior to that I was Deputy Head Teacher of the school for seven years – and I have worked as a teacher in Newham for the last twenty-three years. I believe that my position of Head Teacher affords me a good insight into all aspects of strategic leadership and I want to use my experience to support Gwyn Jones in whatever ways that I can.

Qasim Kazmi Co-opted Governor by the full GB.  Term 22.09.2022- 22.09.2026. Elected by Governing Body.  CCFC committee.  Pecuniary interests 06.07.22 none
Nicola McEwen , Coopted Governor  Term 11.1.23 to  10.1.27 Pecuniary interests 13.09.2023: None
Formerly a parent governor at Gwyn Jones while my children were pupils, I was keen to continue my involvement with the school as a co-opted governor. My work as a legal aid solicitor brings an understanding of the challenges faced by some families, and I recognise that education is key to giving all children the best chance in life. I want to help ensure that Gwyn Jones continues to provide a broad education and caring environment to enable all children in our community to thrive and succeed.
Sian Boutalbi, Head Teacher Governor.  Pecuniary interests: :03.9.23.  None
Tamara JosephStaff Governor. Term 20.9.23-21.9.27 . Pecuniary interests: :4.9.23.  None 
Governors whose terms of office ended in the last 12 months
Deniece Bazuyae
Korina Gerelazou
Nick Cromwell

The governors at Gwyn Jones work with the headteacher, Mrs Boutalbi, to ensure that Gwyn Jones delivers a good quality education and supportive learning environment.  The headteacher is responsible for day-to-day management; the governors set the aims and policies for the school.  They have three main roles:

  •        Setting the school’s vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  •        Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils; and
  •        Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent

The full board of governors meets every half-term.  There are also two sub-committees which are able to look at issues in more detail.  The board of governors has also appointed link governors to act as the liaison between the board and specific subject/curriculum areas or aspects of the work of the school. To find our more about what the role of a governor is, please click here


Governor sub-committees

Finance & Resources:
Termly meetings covering school budget setting and monitoring, teachers' pay review, personnel and premises matters. Members:
  • Rik McShane- Committee Chair
  • Elizabeth Jackson
  • Pat Hayes
  • Sian Boutalbi
  • Simon Craner
  • Simon Bond
  • Angela Wallace
Curriculum,Children, Families and Community: 
Termly meetings covering school curriculum, progress, attainment, safeguarding, SEN and communication matters.  Members:
  • Sarita Morris - Chair of committee
  • Sian Boutalbi
  • Elizabeth Jackson
  • Deniece Bazuaye
  • Lisa Greenwood 
  • Qasim Kamzi
  • Adam Bruntlett

Terms of Reference

Full GB Minutes of Meetings 21-22

CCFC Minutes of Meetings 21-22

Resources Minutes of Meetings 21-22

Full GB minutes of meetings 22-23

CCFC minutes of meetings 22-23

Resources minutes of meetings 22-23

Link Governors

The Board of Governors has appointed Link Governors to act as the liaison between the Governing Body and specific subject / curriculum areas or aspect of the work of the school.

The role of a Link Governor is as a source of support to the school and a source of information for the governing body.

  • Inclusion, SEN and Looked after children: Simon Bond
  • Vulnerable children including Pupil Premium and Sports Premium: Elizabeth Jackson
  • Attendance & Behaviour and Rights Respecting: Angela Wallace
  • Health & Safety: Pat Hayes
  • Child Protection and Safeguarding Children: Rik McShane
  • Computing and Maths : Lisa Greenwood
  • Early Years: Rik McShane
  • English: Sarita Morris
  • GDPR & Website: Qasim Kazmi
  • ECO: Adam Bruntlett

Annual Governance statement

Attendance at meetings and Declarations of interests 2022-23

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