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Welcome to Year 5


We have a very busy, exciting year ahead.


Important information:

Book change day: Pupils visit the library every Monday afternoon.

P.E. Every Monday afternoon.

Trip on Anglo Saxons will be Thursday 17th October 2019.


Science topic: All Living Things

Your child will describe the differences in the life cycles of various animals, including mammals and amphibians. They will explore their life cycles, including the process of reproduction in some plants and animals


Computing: We are Software Developer

Your child will look at the concept of algorithms and then plan and design an educational game, creating a working prototype, developing it further by adding functionality and improving the user interface, making any necessary changes.


Creative Curriculum: What do we have in common with the Anglo-Saxons?

Our history topic will give your child the opportunity to learn about a key period in British history. They will begin by exploring reasons for migration that exist now and may have existed then (410-1066). They will become familiar with some of the significant events from the period. The main learning will focus on how we can draw parallels between the lives of Anglo-Saxons and our own



In Year 5, homework will comprise of spelling work that are to be completed by the following Wednesday. They will use Mathletics for their maths homework for which they have been given a personal login.


A spelling activity or set of words will be sent home to be learned. We recognise that some children find spelling very tricky. The aim of this part of the homework is to allow them to become familiar with the spelling rules and patterns they are studying in school so they can feel confident using them in their writing. If you have any concerns about the spellings or spelling games sent home, please see your class teacher.



Our core text is Way Home by Libby Hathorn. Using the story, we will explore homelessness through the experiences of the main character. In addition to examining the characters, his actions and significant events in the story, your child will continue to develop their reading skills: prediction, clarification, questioning and summarising. The focus pieces of writing for this text are a diary entry and a newspaper article.



Year 5 will be covering many topics: arithmetic and problem solving using all four operations, place value, multiplying whole and decimal numbers by 10,100 and 1000 and factors, multiples and prime numbers. We will also be looking at patterns in number and ongoing investigations.



We encourage every child to read at home each day and to summarise what they have read in their reading journal (summaries only need to be a few sentences). Children must bring their completed reading journal to school each day. Each class will also visit the school library once a week where they can browse and borrow books.

If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to speak to your class teacher.


Yours sincerely,

Year 5 team


Ms Dhanda, Mrs Burrows and Mrs White

Trips and Events




Trip to Museum of London Docklands – Wednesday 5th February 2020

Dear parents and carers,
As part of our forces topic, we have organized a visit to the Museum of London Docklands to take part in a workshop called, Locks, Lifting and Loads.  During the session, the children will discover how the development of shipping from sail to steam made London and the Thames a hub for global trade and led to the growth of the Docklands. They will then head to the learning room for a hands-on investigation uncovering how locks helped ships move in and out of the docks from the Thames and how levers and pulleys put the science of forces and motion to good use.
Children must arrive at school, as normal, in their school uniform and at 8:50 am. They will need a packed-lunch, a warm jacket and water for the trip. Both classes should arrive back at school before the end of the school day.
There will be no payment required for this trip, but both classes would welcome any parent volunteers. If you are available to come on the trip with us, please let your child’s class teacher know as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to speak to Ms  Dhanda, or Mrs Woodley.

Kind regards,

Mrs Woodley and Ms. Dhanda
Year 5 team



7th January 2020

Dear Parents/carers

As part of the National Curriculum, Year 5 start swimming lessons this term.  This is compulsory for all children. 

Lessons will take place at Leyton Leisure Centre, High Road Leyton on Friday afternoons.   The children will walk to and from the pool with their class teacher and another member of school staff.  Their first lesson will be Friday 10th January 2020 and lessons will continue until July 2020.

Class 5M will have a lesson 1.00-1.30pm
Class 5S will have a lesson 1.30 – 2.00pm

Your child will need an appropriate one piece swim suit, a swimming hat for both girls and boys and a towel. 

Children are allowed to bring a healthy snack – fruit or cereal bar which they will eat on their return to school.

If your child cannot swim on a particular week, for any reason, please send in a note.

If you have any concerns please feel free to contact school.

Ms. Dhanda and Mrs Burrows and Mrs White

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