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Welcome to Year 5

Home Learning

Dear Parents and carers,

We hope you enjoyed the break and welcome you back.  We have a very busy half term ahead of Easter.

Important information:
Book change day: Pupils visit the library every Monday afternoon.
Swimming every Friday afternoon
Science topic:- Forces
The children started work on forces last half term and will continue this topic focusing on identify the effects of air resistance and water resistance. By the end of the unit, they will be able analyse data and use scientific ideas to explain their findings and suggest improvements for further tests.
Computing: Sam Labs:
Pupils will be using Sam Labs to help support their understanding of air resistance. Pupils will integrate and exhibit learning by creating a system through which to test the effect of different sized parachutes on the speed of a car.
Creative Curriculum:
Did WW2 change life for women and children?
Our history topic on WW2 will focus on Anne Frank and exploring the role of propaganda on the recruitment of women into the war effort.

In Year 5, homework will comprise of spelling work that are to be completed by the following Wednesday. They will use Mathletics for their maths homework for which they have been given a personal login.

A spelling activity or set of words will be sent home to be learned. We recognise that some children find spelling very tricky. The aim of this part of the homework is to allow them to become familiar with the spelling rules and patterns they are studying in school so they can feel confident using them in their writing. If you have any concerns about the spellings or spelling games sent home, please see your class teacher.
Our core text remains Hansel and Gretel. Using the story, the children have explored looking at key arguments when presenting a particular point of view, backed up by evidence. They will continue with persuasive letter writing before moving on to the importance of advertising and its purpose.  Following on from this, they will move onto our core text: The Rabbits examining the characters, actions and significant events in the story, the children will continue to develop their reading skills: prediction, clarification, questioning and summarising. The focus pieces of writing for this text are an article and newspaper report
Year 5 will be covering many topics.  Having built on the core operations and exploring 3D shape and measures last half term, the children will be moving on to translations, statistics and looking percentages and fractions of amounts.
We encourage every child to read at home each day and to summarise what they have read in their reading journal (summaries only need to be a few sentences). Children must bring their completed reading journal to school each day. Each class will also visit the school library once a week where they can browse and borrow books.

If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to speak to your class teacher.

Yours sincerely,
Year 5 team
Ms Dhanda, Ms Wahome and Mrs Woodley


7th January 2020

Dear Parents/carers

As part of the National Curriculum, Year 5 start swimming lessons this term.  This is compulsory for all children. 

Lessons will take place at Leyton Leisure Centre, High Road Leyton on Friday afternoons.   The children will walk to and from the pool with their class teacher and another member of school staff.  Their first lesson will be Friday 10th January 2020 and lessons will continue until July 2020.

Class 5M will have a lesson 1.00-1.30pm
Class 5S will have a lesson 1.30 – 2.00pm

Your child will need an appropriate one piece swim suit, a swimming hat for both girls and boys and a towel. 

Children are allowed to bring a healthy snack – fruit or cereal bar which they will eat on their return to school.

If your child cannot swim on a particular week, for any reason, please send in a note.

If you have any concerns please feel free to contact school.

Ms. Dhanda and Mrs Burrows and Mrs White

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