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Welcome to Year 2!

Welcome to Year 2 Home Learning.  We hope you're all well and happy.  This page is for you, to give you lots of ideas for learning at home.  If you do any fantastic work that you'd like to share with us, or if you want to ask a question or just say 'hi', you can email us here:   Mrs Ramasamy: gwynjones2M@gmail.com   Mrs Ahmed: gwynjonesclass2S@gmail.com  We'd LOVE to hear from you!  Big hugs   The Year 2 Team xxxx

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This week's creative challenge! Magic boxes!

Calling all magicians, wizards, witches and sorcerers!  Your creative challenge this week is to create your own magical box and decide what you would put inside it!  You can make your box and decorate it or you can draw it.  You can put precious real objects in it or completely made up the objects from your imagination!  Check this fantastic website out to give you some inspiration for magical objects:  https://www.wizardingworld.com/features/magical-objects-of-the-wizarding-world

This task is inspired by a poem by Kit Wright called ‘The Magic Box’.  Here is Kit performing his poem: 


Once you have created your box, we would like you to write a poem about it, just like Kit did.   The title of the poem could be ‘The Magic Box’ (or you can give your poem a different title).

Each verse of your poem starts with:  I will put in the box

And then follow by describing 3 items.  Your description needs to be as imaginative and exciting as possible!  You can use lots of adjectives and we’d love to see some similes too!  Here’s a quick reminder of what similes are:


For example:

I will put in the box

A dreamcatcher woven with Amazonian parrot feathers

The blood of a spotted weasel.

A glittering lizard with scales as gold as the sun.

You can have as many verses as you like.  ENJOY! 


New Home Learning Packs!

If you didn't get a chance to pick up the new Home Learning packs from school last week, don't worry, we have uploaded them here.  You'll find an english pack, a maths pack, a science project and a geography project.   The science project involves growing 2 bean plants but if you don't have any beans, we have left some spares at school for you - just contact the school office to pick some up.  

Inventions creative challenge entries!

Ever wanted to shrink and jump into your favourite computer game?  Fancy some shoes that allow  you to dance like a professional dancer?  Or perhaps a flower pot that takes care of the plant for you?  Our crazy inventors have been hard at work in their inventing laboratories and have cooked up some CRAZY and AMAZING inventions that will ASTOUND you!!!  Well done to Ayaan, Mayssa, Harry, Theo (check out his BRILLIANT video instructions below!), Attia, Maryam, Victoria, Mihail, Oskars, Olive (you can read about her amazing invention in the word document below) and Iris (check out Iris' FANTASTIC stop motion video below!!!).  We are blown away by your creativity!  

Iris Slivka invention.MOV861da80b-83df-4b04-8d12-7cf1e931d3c0.MP4


For this week’s challenge you’re going to be the world’s most innovative (and perhaps a little crazy) inventors!  If you could invent ANYTHING what would it be?  Maybe your invention makes something or changes something?  Maybe it helps people in some way?  It could be an invention for a real life problem or completely imaginary! 

Step 1: Think up your invention and give it a name.  It might help to discuss ideas with other people in your family or look on the internet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yBltrVG0oU  I have also uploaded a Powerpoint all about famous inventors - see below.

Step 2: Draw your invention.  Think carefully about how it works and the different parts it will need.  You could even build a model of it! 

Step 3: Label your invention.

Step 4: Write a description of your invention explaining what it does. 

Step 5: Write some clear instructions for how to use your invention.

Here is mine  The Incredible Mind-Translating Device!



No need to worry World!  The superheroes are here to help us and they are AMAAAAAZING!  Thank you Oskars, Rumi, Fergus, Polly, Theo, Vito, Mihail, Jessica, Bruno, Attia, Victoria, Maryam, Ben, Ayaan and Olive  for sending your superheroes to our rescue!  And this week, we also have entries from our lovely children at school who not only created their superheroes but also made superhero masks!  Fantastic!  Well done  Joshua, Urwa, Khadija, Olivia, Grace, Luke, Ivalia, Erin (3M), Emilija (3M), Laila (3M), Sherifa (3M)!  


Alien creative challenge entries!

Watch out planet Earth!  The aliens have landed!  Congratulations to our amazing story writers this week.  Theo, Ayaan, Mihail, Polly, Vito, Iris, Attia, Dexter and Oskars have all made a HUGE effort to write alien adventure stories full of excitement, suspense and surprises!  This was quite a challenging task but we are so impressed with how hard you have tried to include WOW words, exclamations and inverted commas!  We also loved how you have all brought your stories to life in different ways by creating books, models, illustrations and more!  You are all superstars!  heart

Your kindness posters - WOW!

Another creative challenge and another selection of INCREDIBLE creations!  Maryam, Rumi, Shahzaib, Vito, Polly, Oskars, Mihail, Olive, Mayssa, Iris, Harry, Grace, Fergus, Ayaan, Attia and Jessica, you have BLOWN us away with your kindness posters this week!  The bold, bright artwork, the STRONG, clear messages...WOW!  We are sure that the world is a more united, happy place because of you and your posters.  Thank you.  You should ALL be very very proud of yourselves - we certainly are!  laughyes

Well, well, well...another week done and another AMAZING set of creative challenge entries!  Thank you to Harry, Attia, Polly, Olive, Mihail, Vito, Mihail, Bruno, Maryam, Oskars and Ayaan for your hard work!  We were so impressed (and terrified!) by your pirate creations that I'm not sure we will sleep tonight!  Those rewards are very tempting!  Special gold stars to those of you who used incredible similes and metaphors for your descriptions!  WOW!  

Pirate Wanted Posters! AH HARRRR!

Mixed up animals creative challenge entries


Well, we are almost lost for words!!!  Thank you to Jessica, Bruno, Maryam, Fergus, Iris, Ayaan, Attia, Mihail, Rumi, Oskars, Vito, Polly, Theo and Maryam Ali who have clearly worked very hard on this week's creative challenge!  The standard of your work just gets better each week!  You impressed us SO much with your amazing mixed up creatures!  What clever combinations, beautiful drawings and fantastic writing!  We are extremely proud of you all!  yeslaughheart

JOKE TIME!  Theo's got a good one for you and he made it up himself!  Thanks Theo!  You cheered up our day!  laugh

One Smart Fish creative challenge entries!

Congratulations to Rumi, Vito, Harry, Polly, Oskars, Mihail, Maryam, Luke and Olive who completed this week's creative challenge - to create your very own smart fish!  WOW - such great ideas!  Take a look at the impressive drawings and incredible writing!  It looks like you really enjoyed it!  Give yourselves a huge pat on the back!  yeswink

JOKE TIME!  What's your favourite joke?  Vito wants to share an excellent one with you.  It certainly made us giggle - thanks Vito!  You brightened up our day! laugh


Magical plant creative challenge entries!

WOAAAAHHHH!  Look at your AMAAAAAZING magical plant creations!  Well done to Attia, Oskars, Olive, Vito, Luke, Maryam, Bruno, Mihail, Ben and Harry!  We were so blown away by the quality of your work...we fell off our chairs a few times!  What incredibly imaginative ideas!  Your drawings were so fabulous and we really enjoyed reading your descriptions and instructions.  What a HUGE effort!  You should be very proud of yourselves and we definitely are.  yesheartlaugh

Look out for your next creative challenge...coming very soon!


Check this out!  A new addition to our storytime area!  Effie has recorded a video of herself reading her favourite poem!  We're so impressed with your confidence and expression!  What a superstar!  yes


A huge WELL DONE to Mihail, Maryam, Theo, Oskars, Effie, Polly, Vito and Luke  who sent in their magic potion creations!  We were SO impressed with how much thought and imagination you had put into them.  If you ever want to time travel, fly, be invisible, make animals talk or morph into an animal, you know what to do!  Just make sure you have the right ingredients and follow the instructions!  wink

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Year 2 Blog

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Tuesday 24 March


Hello Year 2 children, parents and carers! 

We hope you are all well.  We miss you very much and wish we could see your lovely faces smiley.

Although we're not at school, we've been busy thinking up lots of fun activities you can do to keep your brain busy and happy while you're at home.  Head to our new Home Learning page for plenty of ideas but you can also visit us here for activities especially for Year 2 children and updates from the Year 2 teaching team.  

Here's a lovely art idea you can do to share a little happiness with others... make a rainbow with a happy message and stick it in your window for everyone to see.  You could paint it, draw it with felt tips or even make it out of cut up materials.  However you like but make it bright and cheerful! 


Stay happy everyone!  Big hugs,

Mrs Ramasamy, Mrs Rahman, Miss Fisher and Mrs Ahmed xxxx

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