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Welcome to Year 2!


Year 2 Home Learning

Times tables challenge! 

Calling all maths whizzes!  When we return to school, there will be a prize for any children who can learn their 2's, 5's, 10's AND 3's!  Get your family to test you and remember, Hit the button is a great way to practise!   https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button


How many levels can you complete?!  You'll need your login for this excellent maths game but if you've lost yours, just email: school@gwynjones.waltham.sch.uk


Active Learn

Fab spelling and grammar games - can you complete them all?!  You'll need your login for this too.


Scratch Junior

Get creative AND keep up your programming skills by heading to https://www.scratchjr.org/ and downloading the FREE app.  

Year 2 Spring 2 Newsletter

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back. We hope you had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed the time with your children.


 Main themes:

1.            Newspaper report-To write their own newspaper report.

2.            Instructions


You can help your child by encouraging any form of writing at home.  It would be helpful to let them write about their personal experience of an event such as learning to ride a bike, learning how to swim, ice skate etc. Encourage the children to also orally retell their favourite stories including speech and description. Plan stories using the titles beginning, middle, end, characters, setting, problem and resolution.

Encourage the children to read and include the year 2 common exception words in their writing.

Encourage them to recount events from their weekend by keeping a diary


You can help your child by reading each night for at least ten to twenty minutes and signing their reading diary. It can be a book sent from school or any that you have at home or from the library. Please feel free to record all of their reading in their reading records. Please encourage your child to re-read the book at least 2 or 3 times to improve their fluency as well as their comprehension.


Help your child apply their weekly spelling rules and the year 2 common exception words in their writing.


Main themes:

1. Position and direction

2. Fraction

3. Addition and subtraction

4. Multiplication and division

5. 2D and 3D shapes

6. Measures-capacity

How you can help

You can help your child by completing their homework which will be sent every Friday and revising times table facts; counting in 3s, number bonds to 10, 20 and 100; also talking to them about getting change from up to 50p or more and measuring ingredients when cooking in the kitchen.

Creative Curriculum

Main themes: Could a Giraffe live in Europe?

How you can help

We will be focusing on learning about continents and oceans of the world as well as comparing the weather between two continents. We will also be learning about the impact of humans on the climate and habitats of animals. If you have any books or artefacts that you would be happy to share with us and that would be appropriate to our learning, it would be very much appreciated.


Main themes: Living things and their habitats.

How you can help

In this unit children have the opportunity to study the differences between living and non-living things. They will match certain living things to their habitats and explain how a habitat provides for the basic needs of living things.


We will have a special visitor coming in with live animals this term.


Children in 2S will need their PE kit on a Monday and Thursday. Children in 2M will need their PE kits on a Wednesday and Thursday. They will be going outside for most lessons so please make sure they have a jumper in their kit and trainers to wear.  Please clearly label all of the clothing and their bag so that they can be identified easily if they happen to go missing. 


Children are expected to bring their book bag to school every day.  Please ensure their reading record is kept up to date and signed by you once a week. Homework will be given out on Fridays and should be returned on Wednesdays. 


Please ensure that your child brings their book bag and a clearly labelled water bottle to school every day and a weather appropriate coat.


We thank you for your support and look forward to an excellent year with your child.

With best wishes

Mrs Ahmed, Mrs Ramasamy , Miss Fisher and Mrs Rahman


Year 2 Blog

Embedded Blog

Tuesday 24 March


Hello Year 2 children, parents and carers! 

We hope you are all well.  We miss you very much and wish we could see your lovely faces smiley.

Although we're not at school, we've been busy thinking up lots of fun activities you can do to keep your brain busy and happy while you're at home.  Head to our new Home Learning page for plenty of ideas but you can also visit us here for activities especially for Year 2 children and updates from the Year 2 teaching team.  

Here's a lovely art idea you can do to share a little happiness with others... make a rainbow with a happy message and stick it in your window for everyone to see.  You could paint it, draw it with felt tips or even make it out of cut up materials.  However you like but make it bright and cheerful! 


Stay happy everyone!  Big hugs,

Mrs Ramasamy, Mrs Rahman, Miss Fisher and Mrs Ahmed xxxx

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