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Welcome to the Return to School Webpage

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This helpful video explains what a 'bubble' is and explains how this will work in school.

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Can you guess who is underneath the mask?

How to wash your hands.

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Ways for parents to help children cope with change. Please click on the image to take you to the website.

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Make sure you say hi to our Chickens- Kylo Hen and Princess Layer

Returning to school

welcome back

Hello! This page is dedicated to helping you get ready to return to school! It aims to answer any questions you might have and also to show you what our school looks like after a few little changes to make sure it is safe for everyone to return.

School has been open for key worker children and now we will open for some Year 1 children on 15th June. Please remember that these dates and plans are provisional and may change, emails are sent out with the most up to date infomation so please ask your parents and carers to check  their inbox regularly. ( A copy of the wider reopening plan with more details can be found in the document pages below.)

We will continue to provide home learning for children who remain at home on your year group page as before. There will be a resources section on this page with activities to help you get ready to return to school.

Please email your class teacher if you have any questions.

We look forward to welcoming you back soon!


Exciting news! The Reception classes have had a fresh coat of paint and are looking bright and cheery.  If you are due to come back to school next week you will find the classes look very familiar.  

Going back to school- A social story

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Return to school resources

  • Will I be with my usual teacher?

    As a school we understand how important it is to be with an adult you know. We will try to put familiar adults with each learning group where possible. However we cannot guarantee that you will be with your class teacher. All the teachers and staff at Gwyn Jones look forward to seeing you again soon and will give you a warm welcome.

  • Will I be with my friends?

    Your teachers will try their best to put you into a group with other children from your class. We will think about your friendships and how you learn and  we know how important it is to you have someone you know in your learning group bubble.  

  • Do I need to wear school uniform?

    You might have grown a few cm's whilst you have been at home! And its really tricky to get to the shops at the moment, so you will not not need to wear school uniform. But please make sure you ask to wear clean clothes every day. And also your shoes should suitable for running as we need to be able to run around safely in P.E lessons!

  • What will happen at lunchtime?

    Your breaks and lunchtime will be at different times to ensure that Learning Groups are able to maintain social distancing from each other. You will not be able to  play on the outdoor equipment but there are lots of fun games you can play instead.

    At lunchtime You will bring in a packed lunch, which will be eaten in class. We will be able to provide a packed lunch for families that are eligible for free school meals.

  • Can I bring toys/ other things from home?

    Please do not bring in any toys or belongings from home,  you will be will given your own special pencil, rubber ruler, scissors and everything that you need that you will keep safely in your own tray.

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