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Welcome to Reception 2019


Welcome to Reception at Gwyn Jones Primary School

Welcome to Reception! At Gwyn Jones we have two Reception classes, Miss Easdale's class (RM) and a class split between Mrs Lau (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) and Ms Doak (Thursday and Friday) (RS) . In Reception there are lots of people who will help you with your learning - as well as the class teachers there is Mrs Jones (RM) and Ms Canavan (RS) who cover the teacher's PPA time and our Early Years Practitioners Mrs Choudhry and Miss Parker (RM) and Mrs Almagrabhi (RS). We also welcome Mrs Shaukat who will also be working with children in the setting. 

Things To Remember

Please clearly label all your children's clothing and personal items.

We encourage children to dress independently so please practise zipping up coats and putting on shoes at home. Children may bring in a labelled bottle for water only, not juice please, which will be kept on the trolley between the two classrooms. Please do not bring snacks from home as we have fruit available all day.

Your child will need a book bag to take reading books home weekly. 


1st January 2020
Dear Parents, Carers and Children,

We hope you enjoyed the Christmas break and we welcome you back to the new Spring Term in Reception. Our new topic for this half term is ‘Journeys’ many of you will have made journeys over the holiday, encourage your child to talk about how they have travelled and the different places they have visited. Talk about the journey to school and to other familiar places.
This half term the children will continue learning how to read using phonics. You can support your child at home by helping them to practise the pure phonic sounds. If you are unsure how to pronounce them just watch this helpful video http://www.ruthmiskin.com/en/parents/. If you need any further support please ask any member of the EYFS team.
We are learning about Chinese New Year and the story of ‘The Great Race’ we are looking forward to our assembly where we can share some of the things we have learned with you. The assemblies are next week on Monday 27th (RM) and Tuesday 28th (RS) at 9.15 am.
We are lucky to live in London where there are fantastic museums and learning opportunities right on our doorstep. Do not forget you can visit the Science Museum; the Greenwich Observatory and Planetarium; the Museum of London and locally Hollow Ponds or Skelton’s Farm all for free.
Our children are learning all the time, if your child does or says something interesting please fill a “news from home” slip. This could be an achievement such as ‘dressed in their pyjamas independently’ or ‘counted in 2’s up to 20’ we’d love to hear about it! We will send some slips home in your child’s book bag.
Also, can we please ask parents to return any resources that the children bring home in their pockets. It may only seem like one car or one animal but if every child did this every day we would quickly be out of resources. We understand that children forget to put things back and encourage parents to return toys, gems or other objects to any member of the EYFS team.
Finally, just a few reminders: -

• Please label everything that belongs to your child. Including tights, hats, gloves or anything else they might bring into school.
• At this time of year it is useful to have a spare change of clothing for your child at school.
• Please ensure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather this includes a coat with a hood and has a change of shoes i.e. wellington boots if necessary.
• Encourage your child to be independent – hang up their own coat, put their own book bag away, select their own name from the self-registration board.

If there are any issues you wish to discuss concerning your child, please feel free to speak to a member of the Early Years Team as soon as possible.

Kind Regards,

Miss Easdale, Mrs Lau, Ms Doak and the EYFS team.

The Reception Team



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