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Hello Children, Parents and Carers! Welcome to the Reception classes at Gwyn Jones Primary School!

On this page you can find lots of information about starting school. You can watch a video from your new teacher or even listen to a story. Come and take a look!

Why don't you get to know your new teachers by watching the videos below of Mrs Lau and Miss Mila?


Hello from Mrs Lau RS Class


Hello from Miss Mila RM Class


How will I settle my child?

Week 1

We look forward to welcoming your child in two special 'stay and play sessions'. Please check the date for your child in your welcome email. These sessions start at 9.50 to 11.30, please only attend on your allocated day.

These sessions are visits the children will make with you and are in place of home visits and our normal settling procedures, We will do our 'All about me questionnaire' with you . Parents and children will be in small groups to stay and play in the Reception garden outdoor area and shelter.  ( 12 children per session) 

Please come to the nursery gate. For stay and play and transition sessions you will use the nursery gate to enter and exit.  Please arrive on time. 

Week 2 

Week 2 Transition week  - children will stay without you 

Day 1 Children attend from 10 am  to 11.30. Please use nursery gate.

Day 2 Children will attend from 10 am  until 1 including having lunch in school.  Please use nursery gate

 Day 3 Children will attend from 10 am until  2.30, if your child is  still unsettled we will ask you to collect them earlier in the day. Please use nursery gate.

Day 4 Please use the main school gate you must be on time. Children will attend from 8.55 am to 3.10, however if  your child  is still unsettled we will ask you to collect them earlier in the day.

Day 5 Please use the main school gate you must be on time.  Children will attend from 8.55 am to 3.10, however if your child is still unsettled we will ask you to collect them earlier in the day.

Waltham Forest Hub's Chitter Chatter, Pitter Patter activity cards

Welcome to the Reception Blog, check back here regularly for weekly home learning guidance if your child is absent from school.

For regular news updates follow us on Twitter @Gwynjonesprima2


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When will my child stay for a full week at school?

Week 3

Week 3 First Normal week of school – start time and end time 8.55 - 3.10.  We have had to put in place a staggered day end to comply with COVID 19 guidance we expect this to be in place until at least October half term)  Please use the main gate and follow the school' s one way system. 

As part of our COVID safety measures we will ask everyone to wash their hands on arrival to school. We will be washing resources at the end of session and wiping down equipment between sessions. It is not expected that Reception children will 'social distance'. School staff and children will not be wearing masking in school except in specific circumstances e.g. providing intimiate care (nappy changing) 

 Please read the attached Do's and Don'ts information sheet. You can also find our opening plan and risk assessment documents on this page

Please don't hesitate to ask us if you have any questions. 

We look forward to welcoming you and your child to Gwyn Jones Primary School.

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Home Learning Documents

Check back here for documents to download that will help your with your learning at home.

Documents for New Reception Parents

Useful websites that we use in Reception.

Story Time- Click on the videos to hear them!

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Mark making and Creating together 

Problem solving and playing games

Here are some fun movement ideas!

Here are some fun mark making ideas!

Curriculum  Newsletter and Home Learning

Home Learning gallery

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