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Welcome to Nursery


In Nursery we have Ms Tariq as the class teacher and Ms Nazia as the early years practitioner. There are other people who will be working with you too- Ms Jolly and Ms Doak.


Our topic for the first half of Autumn Term is: 

Transition and ‘All About Me’. 

This term we will be primarily focusing on settling children into nursery. Children will be supported in building new relationships with the adults and with their peers as well as their growing independence skills.



Things to know

Please remember that the nursery curriculum requires free access to the outside area in all weathers and your child will need warm waterproof clothing for cold, wet days.

  • To ensure they are comfortable at nursery please remember to dress them in clothes they can move freely in and are able to manage when going to the toilet.
  • Shoes should not have high heels and sandals and other summer shoes must support the child’s foot and be securely attached with a suitable strap.
  • Toys should not be sent in to nursery.
  • The snack table is available throughout the session providing fresh fruit and or vegetables. Water is available at every session and milk will also be offered daily.
  • Please remember to label all of your child’s clothes with their name, including a change of clothes, which should be left in a bag on your child’s peg.
  • The morning session starts at 8:45 am and ends at 11:45pm The afternoon session starts at 12:15pm and ends at 3:15pm Please ensure your child is on time. Please call the school on 020 8556 7904 and inform us if anyone else is picking your child up.
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Nursery Home Reading Book Day: TBC


Show and Tell:

Show and tell is a valuable time in which children learn to share ideas and develop their questioning skills. However, can we please remember that toys should not be brought to school. Only on Friday as it is our ‘Show and Tell’ day. 

Important dates

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