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Summer Challenge

We are raising funds over the summer for some lovely KS2 playground equipment. Here is the sponsorship chalenge list (scroll down) for the Great Gwyn Jones Summer Challenge 2022. You will have had a paper copy sent home in your child’s book bag, but we know these can go astray!

We hope there is something for everybody – some tasks are advanced enough to challenge older children and some are simpler. Try to steer your child to choose 10 at the level that will suit them best. If 10 seems daunting, choose fewer, it’s all about the taking part, and of course feel free to invent your own challenges!

We hope that the children will be motivated by the idea of more amazing playground equipment – and of course the possibility of winning THE IPAD kindly donated by Theydons. Apart from the fundraising, the challenges will be good ways to leave screens behind for a while, get creative, enjoy nature, learn something new, and help their family or community.

Below we guide you through the challenges – including useful links, recipes, and the rainy day viewing list.  

There are also smaller challenge specific prizes to be won – look out for the starred challenges!

You can join our leadership board to see who has raised the most funds from their challenges by clicking this link Gwyn Jones PTA 2022 Summer Challenge (investmycommunity.com) press the 'start fundraising' button and tap the 'raise funds for us' tab and start your own mini campaign page.

Please notify us when you have donated your sponsorship (before 5th September) so that we can enter your child into the ipad raffle. The challenge runs throughout the summer holidays – Good Luck!  hello@gwynjonespta.com

Suggested Challenges....

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