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Newsletter 22nd March

At this time of year, we have lots of exciting events as you can see from the dates here. We will find details of our PTSA Gift Shop which is a lovely event which raises money and I know the children really enjoy picking gifts for all their carers. I am sure you have read in the news the financial pressures that most schools are under at the moment. The governors of the school have managed the budget carefully so that we haven't had to make the same kind of cuts that other schools have. However, although we subsidise trips, clubs and visitors heavily, we do rely on parental contributions to continue to offer these enrichment events. Currently there is over £3000 of contributions outstanding for trips, clubs and other fees for this year. We will try and make sure that all PMX items are ready in your shop when we send the letter so you can pay as soon as you get the email. Also we will make sure the items are avaliable for you to pay for longer so they don't disappear. As ever, if you have any problems paying, please speak to the office if you are having difficulty with PMX or myself. 


Mon 25th March 5M Easter assembly 2:40

Wed 27th March- 5S Easter assembly 2:40

Thurs 28th March -3S Trip to Chocolate Museum

Fri 29th March- 3M trip to Chocolate Museum

                         - PTSA gift shop

Mon 1st April- 2M Vasaki assembly 2:40

Tue 2nd April- 2S Vasaki assembly 2:40

Wed 3rd April- Music concert 3:30

Friday 5th April- School closes at normal time

Tuesday 23rd April- School returns 

New Staff

I am pleased to welcome several new staff to our school. Mohini is our student social worker who is supporting children and parents in school. You may see her on the gate or handing out late passes. Mary is our new office manager and Sakeenah is our new finance assistant. Both have worked in other Waltham Forest schools for several years and are looking forward to getting to know you all.

World Book Day

On Thursday we celebrated World Book Day. I am always blown away by the effort and creativity that children (and parents) show when designing and making their costumes. Lots of new books were recommended as well as some old favourites being shared. 


Road Safety

We have noticed that parking around the school has really improved so thank you for your consideration. I would like to remind you that leaving your engine on whilst waiting to drop your child off can serious affect the air quality around the school. This is a particualr issue in Woodriffe Road. Breathing in dirty air can seriosuly affect a child's health with London having  some of the dirtiest air in the UK. If you need to drive to school, please turn off your engine. 

Attendance coffee morning

On Friday 22nd March, we are holding an attendance coffee morning. It is a chance to talk about our policy and how we can support families to improve their attendance. We believe attendance is really important because not only does it mean children get to take part in all the experiences in school but it also means they can spend more time with their friendship groups developing their social skills. The government's standard for attendance is 96% which, over the time at Gwyn Jones, would mean they had missed 53 days!

PTSA gift shop

On Friday 29th March, the PTSA will be hosting their annual gift shop.  It runs during the day, in the school hall, and it is an opportunity for the children to make a card or buy a gift for someone special in their lives  (a parent, carer, or another relative).  There will also be a limited sale after school from 3:10 onwards for any parents/carers who want to pop in and have a look.

We are always looking for volunteers to help during the day. Even a couple of hours of your time will make a big difference!  You can help the children browse the shop and decide what to buy, help at a stall, help with wrapping their gifts or writing a gift tag.

Also, if you want your child to buy something on the day, please put the amount you wish to spend (£1, £2, £3, £4 or £5) in an envelope with your child's name and class from Monday 25th March till Wednesday 27th March and hand it in to your class teacher. 

School Garden

We are very lucky that our school gardener Melanie has been hard at work with her gardening club. You will see in and around the school lots of new bulbs, daffodils and flowers. Later on in the year we are planning another gardening volunteer day so keep your eyes peeled!

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