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29th January 2019

What a busy half term we are having! You can see from the dates here that we have a packed calendar with lots of exciting trips and events. If you are able to accompany us on any trips, we always appreicate the help. Thank you to everyone who came to our third Reading Slumber party. It was a great event and lovely to see so many parents and children snuggled up sharing a book. This Friday after school, there will be a chance for you to come and see some of the childrens' books and shortly you will recieve their mid year school report. You will also be receiveing a letter about Parents' Evening shortly which takes place at the start of March.


Tues 29th Jan- Reception visiting the Discover Centre
Fri 1st Feb 3:30pm-4:00pm- parent book look
Mon 4th Feb- Fri 8th Feb- Children's Mental Health Week
Fri 8th Feb 9am in the Glassroom- Parent Support Group- topic Self Esteem
Fri 8th Feb- PTSA Quiz night
Mon 11th Feb - Year 4 trip to National History Museum- Please note this is a change of date
Mon 11th Feb- Year 2 Inspirational Women workshop in school
Fri 15th Feb- last day of school
Half term Mon 18th Feb- Fri 22nd Feb
Tues 26th Feb- Year 5 trip to Museum of London Docklands
Wed 27th Feb- Year 3 Wild Science workshop
Fri 1st Mar-Wed 6th- Book Fair in school
Week beginning 4th March- Parents' Evening
Tues 12th Mar- Year 6 trip to Town Hall
Thur 28th Mar- 3S trip to Chocolate Museum
Fri 29th Mar- 3M trip to Chocolate Museum
Fri 5th April- last day of school
School returns Tuesday 23rd April

Take one Picture

On 9th January, we celebrated Take One Picture day and we looked at the Cuban installation artist Tania Bruguera whose work is currently on display at the Tate Modern. Year 5 went to see the installation and other classes looked at political protest art and art with component pieces. There are some brilliant pieces of art on display in the hall, including Jess from year 6's excellent wood burning.


Outside the front office is our club notice board that has a list of all the clubs on offer in school at the moment:
French Club - Yr 3 Tuesdays until 12th Feb 
Street Dance - Yrs 1-2 Tuesdays until 12th Feb
Street Dance - Yrs 3-6 Thursday until 12th February
Crash Bang Club - Mondays until 1st Apr
Recorders - Tuesdays until 2nd Apr
Orchestra - Wednesdays until 3rd Apr
Keyboard - Thursdays until 4th Apr
Gardening - Tues Lunchtime Drop in
Football - R-Y2 Mondays 3:15-4:15 to 25th Mar
Dodgeball- R-Y2 Mondays 4:30-5:30 to 25th Mar
Football- Y3-6 Tuesdays 3:15-4:15 to 26th Mar
Gymnastics- R-Y2 Weds 3:15-4:15 to 27th Mar
Basketball- Rec-Y2- Weds 4:30-5:30 to 27th Mar
Basketball- Y3-Y6 Thurs 3:15-4:15 to 28th Mar
Tennis- Y3-Y6 Thurs 4:30-5:30 to 28th Mar
Multisports R-Y2 Fridays 3:15-4:15 to 29th Mar


Please remember if you would like to change what your child does for school lunch (school dinner or packed lunch), you must give two weeks  notice. 


The governors have updated a number of polices recently including the 'Supporting Children With Medical Conditions'  and the 'Complaints' policy. All our policies can be found here and we welcome any feedback you have. 


Having receieved some feedback about our current attendance policy, we have made some changes. The document can be found here.  Children whose attendance is above 98% in years 2 -6 and above 97% in Nursery-y1 will receive rewards in our celebration assembly. This is instead of just celebrating those with 100% attendance. This way if a child has a few days of sickness but excellent attendance otherwise, their attendance will still be celebrated. We recognise that sometimes children are too unwell to come to school. The purpose of our attendance polciy is to support children coming to school as often as they can and as punctually as they can because we want children to experience as much of school life as they can. This not only includes lessons and their learning but also the special events at the end of term too. 

Mental Health Week

This year the school will take part in Children's mental health week. During the week 4th-10th February, we will be using some of Place2Be's resources to discuss mental health with the children with the theme "everybody has mental health". We will be sharing ways to keep our mind and body healthy and sharing some books which raise the issue of mental health in a child friendly way. We will be sending a special newsletter with these pciture books in and with lots of advice about how to support your child. There will also be a special Parent Support Group on Friday morning in the Glassroom with the theme of self esteem. Ms Campbell has already started working on this so do have at look at the displays outside her office.

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