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Learning Ladders

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Learning Ladders is the system whereby we measure children's attainment and progress in Reading, Writing and Maths. Each area of these subjects is split into ladders e.g. timetables and on each ladder are rungs which break up the learning in that area from Year 1 to Year 6.

What we really like about this system is it is really clear what your child's next target, or rung is and this is completely individual to them. It also reinforces our belief that each child, no matter what their ability, can understand what they need to concetrate on to get better.

For more information, see the document below:

You can see your child's progress at home by logging on the Ladders At Home, using the log in details provided by your child's teacher.


This website is a fantastic resource because it provides a wealth of ideas about how to support your child at home with each rung and what to do if they find it easy or tricky.


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