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Welcome to Chicken Club! Come and learn all about our egg-cellent hens!

Princess Layer with the red tag and Kylo Hen in their

om-let chicken coop or Milleni- hen Falcon.


Kylo was a very clever chicken she learned colours - watch her choosing the red tile to get a tasty treat.


Chicken Club news.

I have to start chicken club news with some very sad news. Unfortunately our beautiful, clever little red hen Kylo Hen died during the summer holidays. We are all very sad about this,  but Kylo could not cope with the extremely hot weather despite everything Ms Rorke did to try to help her. Ms Rorke, Kathro, Faren and Eowyn very kindly gave Kylo a special chicken funeral with songs and buried her in the garden. I understand this news will upset many of you who helped to look after Kylo, if you want to talk to your teacher or maybe write to Ms Rorke about it or give Princess an extra large hen-hug when you can. Drawing a picture can also help express your feelings when you are sad. We will all miss her. Why not have look at some of the photos of Kylo and Princess or watch a video of her to remind you how clever she was?


Princess and Kylo are a bit naughty sometimes. They liked to nibble the pansies! Sometimes they would sneak into Breakfast Club! Have you seen the chickens doing anything a bit naughty?

New arrivals!

Miss Rorke very kindly found Princess some new hen-friends. We can never replace Kylo,  but chickens do not like to live alone  they are  social birds, chickens like to eat and forage, roost and dust-bathe together. Unlike most other birds, they will lay eggs in common nests and often raise chicks communally.  So please give a warm Gwyn Jones welcome to our TWO new chickens who haven't got names yet! But make no mistake Princess bossy- pants is still the BOSS! Hen- pecking the others into order, just like she did with Kylo Hen.


Can you name the chicken???

Have a look at our two new chickens. They are hens, which are females, and they are of a bantam breed. Look at their beautiful feathers! Did you know they have over 10,000 feathers?

Can you think of a name for our new chickens? It could be something funny or something punny. Ms Rorke says one of them pecks at rocks like Hay Hay in the Moana film!

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