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Creative Curriculum

Intent and Implementation

The school’s curriculum is built around our ethos that we want our children :

to develop an idea of fairness and justice , to respect similarity and difference in society,  to demonstrate tolerance of others from different cultures and faiths, to empathise with other people, to show respect for others’ point of view and articulate theirs confidently, to be self confident and understand their own talents, to understand their part in changing their community (local and global), to develop an understanding of global issues including poverty and sustainability, to understand their right to be heard and the idea of democracy.

The entire curriculum is underpinned by these ideas which children explore in all areas of the curriculum through high quality texts. The curriculum is testament to how entrenched social, moral and cultural education is in the vision of the school.

Should you require additional information relating to the curriculum, please email school@gwynjones.waltham.sch.uk . Additional information can be found on the year group pages. 

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